Remote Watering Demonstration

Mid Volume Float Pump with PORTABLE

• Sample Applications

      •  Surface water
      •  70 cow calf pairs at 15 ft
      • 30 cow calf pairs at 30 ft
  •  Floating Pump (24 volt)
  • 2-64 Watt Solar panels
  • Regulator with low volt disconnect
  • Float switch
  •  Intake filter
  •  Battery Box
  • 50 ft 5/16th rope
  • Wiring package
  • 2 –12 volt batteries
  • 1000 gallon portable trough
  • 100 feet 1.5 inch discharge hose

Mid Volume Float Pump with FIXED trough 

• Sample Applications

    • Surface water 
    • 70 cow calf pairs at 15 ft lift
    • 30 cow calf pairs at 30 ft lift
  •  Floating Pump (24 volt)
  •  2-64 Watt Solar panels
  • Panel Stand
  • Regulator with low volt disconnect
  • Float switch 
  • Intake filter 
  • Battery Box 
  • 50 ft 5/16th rope 
  • Wiring package 
  • 2 –12 volt batteries 
  • 1000 gallon fixed trough 
  • 100 feet 1.5 inch discharge hose 

Terms and Conditions

The watershed district shall:

  1. Determine application priorities in consultation with the Sub-District & Board staff.
  2.  At the request of the applicant, pending availability of systems, AWWD staff will deliver and install one of their
    livestock watering systems described below.
  3. Limit eligibility to one system/landowner at any time.
  4. Watering systems will be provided for a maximum of 2 months at a cost of $200 per month.
  5. Notify the applicant of the removal date of the system upon delivery.
  6. Install and remove the system.
  7. Provide service calls on a cost recovery basis.

The landowner shall:

  1. Provide access to project for installation, maintenance, removal, and tours.
  2.  Indemnify and save harmless the District from any and all actions, claims, suits, damages, injuries, or other loss no
    matter howsoever arising as a result of the construction, operation or maintenance of the project.
  3. Grant the watershed district the right to use any information related to this project for educational or promotional
  4. Pay $200/ month rent for the demonstration, maximum trial rental of 2 months.
  5. Pay cost recovery for service calls of equipment.

General Terms and Conditions:

  • Subject to the above terms, the agreement shall become effective and shall be binding upon both parties. 
  • If either party fails to meet the above mentioned responsibilities, the agreement may be terminated by the party via written
  • The annual projects resulting from this program will be subject to funds appropriated.
  • Technical service will be subject to the availability of staff. The district reserves the right to establish priorities for providing
    such services and assistance.
  • Failure of Landowner to meet Landowner Responsibilities may negate him/her from other Watershed District programs.