Increasing The Longevity Of Agricultural Landscapes

Share your project ideas with us by filling out an expression of interest form. We are available to assess your project needs, provide support through the application process and match your project with funding opportunities. If you are having trouble accessing or printing an application contact us at our offices. 


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Expression of Interest

Fill out the Expression of Interest form to begin the process. This will give us a general idea of what your project entails so that the District can match program resources with your project plans.

Shallow Wetland Incentive Program (SWIP)

$50-75 / Acre to conserve class 1 & 2 Wetlands. 10yr term, Annual payments based on property value/cash rental rates, can be combined with wetland restoration of any type of wetland.

**no application process. Submit your legal land descriptions for a free assessment**


Tree shelterbelts protect soil from wind erosion, trap snow during winter, provide wildlife habitat and sequester carbon. Plastic mulch can be used in an effort to reduce weed pressure and improve seedling survival.

Tree Orders

For your own tree needs, order them through the district at $2.00 per tree for conservation grade (10-24in) trees and plant them yourself.

Cover Crops

Decrease soil erosion, increase soil fertility, manage weeds, disease and pest by implementing cover crops. Perennial species reduce water logging and increase productivity.

Rotational Grazing

Rotational Grazing increases the production of forage, the quality of stand and improves drought and flood management.

Nitrogen Management

Manitoba and Saskatchewan make key decisions on formulation, rate, timing, and placement of fertilizer nitrogen that are suitable for soils, climate change, and farming operations within which they operate

Alternative watering

Fill out the form to see if you are eligible for a 50/50 cost-share program with GROW and ALUS toward the purchase of a remote watering system, bowls, components, irrigation or water pipelines.

Stream Crossing

Create convenient access for cattle without compromising the integrity of the soil and quality of water.

Small Watering Storage

Small watering storage can provide flood control, decrease hydrological pressure on farms and infrastructure, as well as provide water from a local water source. Funded through Ag-Action we can partner with you on your water retention projects. Having an Environmental Farm Plan for your farm is required.

No-Till Drill

Rent one of our JD 1500 No-Till Drills to maintain soil moisture and biodiversity whilst seeding.

Pipeline Plow

Pipeline plow buries a maximum of 2" plastic pipe up to 18' deep for summer use.

Gully Stabilization

Mitigate further erosion disturbance by stabilizing the soil with vegetation roots.

Grassed Runway

Prevent erosion and rills on our land by implementing grassed runways along the lower elevation of drainage path through your land.

Riparian Fencing

The District can implement methods such as fencing, improved crossing, vegetation establishment and other techniques to reduce/prevent erosion and stabilize banks.

Abandoned Wells

Protect ground water quality by having your abandoned well sealed. Landowners pay between $50 - $100 to seal the well. Materials and contractor are organized by the district.

Survey/Mapping Requests

Purchase aerial images, digital elevation models, contours, and more spatial products regarding of an area of interest.