Small Watering Storage

CONDITIONS : The Watershed District shall:

  1. Determine application priorities in consultation with the sub-district and board staff.
  2. Provide minimum of 80% project funding.
  3. Reserve the right to reasonable access to project areas for tours or to inspect the condition of the project sight.
  4. Reserve the right to transport water downstream following appropriate application and approval of the board.
  5. Maintain dam in co-operation with the landowner for 5 years.

The Landowner shall:

  1. Provide access for inspection, survey, and construction.
  2. Provide the lesser of estimated or completed project costs based on the following schedule:
    1. 20% when the structure has landowner benefit and no draw down control.
      • 10% when the structure has landowner benefit and a draw down control.
      • 0% when dam construction has only a wildlife benefit.
      • 0% when the project is to reduce an identified downstream siltation or erosion problem and has no benefit to the landowner.
  3. Fence the dyke and spillway of the project at the request of the watershed district.
  4. Not trade, barter, or sell water stored by the structure, without approval of the board.
  5. Not alter, change, remove, or modify the project without written consent from the district.
  6. Contact the district upon a change in land ownership or rental.
  7. Where applicable – Operate the control gate on the project under a plan agreed to by the watershed district and downstream landowners.
  8. Indemnify and save harmless the district from any and all actions, claims, suits, damages, injuries, or other losses no matter however arising as a result of construction, operation or maintenance of the project.
  9. Grant the watershed district the right to use any information related to this project for educational or promotional purposes.