Survey Request


The watershed district shall:

  1.  Determine application priorities in consultation with the Sub-District & Board.
  2. Will provide survey equipment and crew at a rate of $250/day (public rate), $300/day plus mileage (NGO partner rate) $800/day (private rate).
  3. Staff will provide mapping services at $25/hr (public rate) $50/hr (private rate)
  4. The watershed district’s will provide survey services on a first come first serve basis and reserve the right to turn down survey requests.

The Applicant shall:

  1. Provide landowners/interested party consultation and provide
  2. Provide proof of municipal support via resolution
  3. Provide the district with any/all plans or information leading up to survey.
  4. Indemnify and save harmless the District from any and all actions, claims, suits, damages, injuries, or other loss no matter howsoever arising as a result of the construction, operation or maintenance of the project.
  5. Grant the watershed district the right to use of any information related to this project for educational or promotional purposes.

General Terms and Conditions:

  • This application does not relieve the owner and or applicant of the obligation of securing any other necessary approvals.
  • Authorized representatives of the AWWD may with reasonable notice at any time enter onto the lands which are described herein in order to make examinations, investigations or inspections which are required.
  • The project shall be carried out generally as per the plans submitted in support of the application.
  • Subject to the above terms, the agreement shall become effective and shall be binding upon both parties.
  • If either party fails to meet the above-mentioned responsibilities, the agreement may be terminated by the party via written notice.
  • The annual projects resulting from this program will be subject to funds appropriated.
  • Technical service will be subject to the availability of staff.
  • The district reserves the right to establish priorities for providing such services and assistance.