Featured Programs

Rotational Grazing

Fencing, WateringSystems, Seeding Legumes, Grazing Managmemet Plan

Cover Crops

$35/acre to a maximum of $75,000.
Agronomic planning with support of an agrologist or certified crop advisor.

Nitrogen Management

Slow-Release Fertilizer, Nitrification and Urease Inhibitors, Agronomic Supports, Soil Testing, Soil Mapping, Adding Legumes to Crop Rotation, Upgrading Seeder, Split Application, Manure Injection and Offseting Higher Cost of Synthetic Fertilizer.


$50-75 / Acre to conserve class 1 & 2 Wetlands. 10yr term, Annual payments based on property value/cash rental rates, can be combined with wetland restoration of any type of wetland.

Working Together To Enhance the Resilient Characteristics Of Our Landscape

The Assiniboine West Watershed District (AWWD) delivers conservation programs in collaboration with landowners, 23 participating member municipalities and over 40 organizations. The watershed district boundary spans 17,000km², and is divided into 9 sub-districts; each boundary delineated according to surface water catchment areas. 

Financial Assistance For Flooding Announcement

In light of the current flooding conditions, the province will be providing disaster financial assistance to Municipalities, Private residences, Farms, Small Businesses, and Non-Profits. 

Manitoba Association of Watersheds Leads Partnership on AAFC's On-Farm Climate Action Fund

Producer-led groups form a coalition; land AAFC’s on-farm climate action projects for Manitoba and Saskatchewan producers

Small Wetland Incentive Program

If you are a land owner within the Assiniboine West Watershed District there is annual funding available up to $75/acre for Class 1 and 2 wetlands.

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What projects are funded under GROW?

Water Retention

Small dams and construction of other permanent or temporary water retention projects.

Wetland Conservation

Conservation, enhancement or restoration of class 1 and 2 wetlands.

Riparian Area Projects

Conservation, restoration or enhancement of riparian areas.

Buffer Establishment

Establishing, enhancing or restoring shelterbelts, perennial cover buffers, or grassed waterways on private lands, including maintenance.

Upland Area Projects

Conservation, enhancement and/or restoration of native prairie, woodlands and erodible soils. (fencing, cover crops, green manures, polycropping etc..)

Innovative Approaches

Projects that will conserve or enhance Ecological Goods & Services (EG&S) in Manitoba's agricultural lands.

Some Cool Facts

Working Together

squared kilometers
Municipal partners
Support Organizations


To provide leadership in resource planning, implementing programs and promoting conservation practices.


Creating a resilient agricultural landscape.